Amy Quarberg is passionate about motivating others to incorporate practical tools to live a life that is authentic, healthy and fun. As a holistic nurse, health and vitality coach and wellness entrepreneur, Amy has a wealth of knowledge about the mind/body/spirit connection and the effects our choices have on our body and our life.  Her most popular talks, “Practical Tips to Decrease Stress and Increase Joy” and “Ignite your Soul Power: A Recipe for Healthy Radiance”, leave participants feeling enlivened and empowered to incorporate the practical self-care tools into their own lives and workplace.  In addition to great content, Amy routinely gets people up out of their seats and dancing in the aisle...smiles and laughter are sure to follow...


Top 6 reasons to hire Amy:

  • You are a looking for a speaker who truly understands and empowers women.

  • You are looking for practical advice and experiential opportunities to decrease stress and radiate joy.

  • You want to empower your audience to flow with the changes of the organization

  • You want to promote healthier lifestyles and happier employees

  • You are a healthcare organization looking for a speaker to support and inspire nurses and staff on self-care and healing presence.

  • You are wanting a speaker who can also offer a movement based breakout session.


In addition to traveling and speaking, Amy works part-time as the Healing Arts and Wellness Coordinator at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, MN and has a private health and vitality coaching practice called Soul Power Coaching.  Her master’s work on Graceful Presence” is published in the Holistic Handbook for Nurses, 4th edition and she has spoken on that topic at many hospital organizations and at the American Holistic Nurses Convention.  She also has created and leads a holistic wellness coaching program called, “Ignite your Soul Power; 28 Days to Healthy Radiance” and a full-day or half-day workshop called, “Soul Power Workshop: Move into Radiant Presence”.  She has her Masters Degree in Human Development and is certified in Therapeutic Coaching, NLP, HNLP and hypnosis from the META institute. 

Areas of Expertise:




Amy's Most Requested Programs:


Nourish Your Body, Nourish your Life


You know the saying, “You are what you eat”.  If that were true, what does your diet say about you?  About me? About our culture?  With the rising rates of chronic illness like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, not to mention the emotional disorders of depression and anxiety, I’d say something is seriously wrong with the food we are eating. Amy Quarberg, a wellness coach and nurse, will get you educated and motivated to take back your power over unhealthy food and come away with some practical tips to change your lifestyle habits and improve your life.


Practical Tips to Decrease Stress and Increase Joy


Stress is inevitable....how we handle it is a choice.   Don’t let the pharmaceutical companies talk you into a pill that you don’t need...Take back your internal power to relax, restore and respond to life’s stressors with grace and ease. In this interactive and experiential talk, Amy shares stories of how she has handles the stress of living in the 21 century while juggling work, family and social life, and will teach you how to do the same. 


Ignite your Soul Power: A Recipe for Healthy Radiance


Want to look younger?  Feel more vibrant and energized? Get unstuck and into the flow of life? If yes, then this is the talk that will spark healthy changes both on the inside and the outside.     Connecting with your inner Soul Power or that part of you that is your divine essence, is at the core of your brilliance and body wisdom.  This interactive talk will offer ways to connect to your authentic self, discover your passion, listen to your body’s wisdom, and it may even have you dancing in the aisle. You will leave with your own unique recipe for radiance you can use every day.


Healing Presence and the Healing Environment: Exploring and enhancing our connection to sacred space


Designed to be given as a keynote or a half-day seminar to hospital workers, this talk could really be for anyone looking for inner peace in a stressful environment.  Participants explore complementary therapies, guided meditation, awareness and mindfulness techniques and optional movement opportunities. They discover the responsibility we all have as to how we show up at work and ways to make us feel better inside and out.


Navigating the Waves of Change


Change is like the waves of the ocean...sometimes they are small and sometimes they are huge...but one thing is constant, they are always coming. The question is, how will you or your organization deal with the changes and stay afloat? Amy will connect and guide your audience through the waters of change and leave them feeling refreshed and ready to handle whatever size wave is coming next. 




 “Amy brought a great deal of energy and compassion as the keynote speaker for our Woman’s Wellness Day.  She was able to connect with the audience and actually had them dancing in the aisles during one of the sessions!”  Karen Dahlstrom, a participant from State Farm Insurance Company



“Amy embodies her work with such passion and dedication that you become swept up with her joy-filled way of being.”  Val Lincoln, RN PhD Lead of Integrative Nursing Dept. of Woodwinds Hospital



“Thank you so much, it was fabulous.  I want you to come back next year and do a longer session.”  American Holistic Nurses Convention participant



“I really enjoyed your talk, it was just what I needed to hear.”  MeritCare Nursing Conference participant



“Your breakout session was by far the best one I went to all day.”  Minnesota School Nutrition Association conference participant




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