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1:1 Transformational Coaching

Together we will discover what your wildest dreams are, and find the easiest path and flow to get there. Whether it is related to health, career, relationships or abundance there is wisdom and clarity within ready to be dis-covered and illuminated.  

Schedule a complementary 15 minute exploration call to see if this is the best option.

Online Courses

Ignite your Soul Power: 5 days to Ultimate Self Care

Virtual Retreats

Spring Rejuvenation Retreat

Sunday March 21st 2021,

TIme: 3-5:30

Investment: 29.00

My Approach

I see you as already holding the ticket to your destination point, and we get to play with the journey to arrive there. We can take the slow and scenic route or the fast and exhilarating  route, or somewhere in between. You see I believe in infinite possibilities and trust in the wisdom of the body, mind and spirit to find the best route for you. 


 You are a living miracle and genius, whether you know it yet or not. 

Together we create a sacred space for deep listening and intuitive guidance for dis-covering and revealing what is hidden behind fears and limited beliefs and illuminated the brilliance and wisdom within.  

My background in holistic nursing, energy work, dance and therapeutic coaching offers you a specialized approach to releasing the blocks and patterns that are holding you back from experiencing an authentic, passionate, purposeful, and healthy expression of your best self. Where you create a meaningful journey towards the life your soul desires. 

It is my belief and experience that there is a divine light within us all waiting to be acknowledge and illuminated.  It is not just in a chosen few but in everyone. And it doesn't matter where you were born, the color of your skin, or the size of your frame, this divine connection that is graceful, healing and woven into every cell of your body, like an inner Goddess.. where mindfulness and movement deepen that divine connection...and a healthy radiance happens naturally when we care for the temple she lives in. When you learn to love yourself first, the lifestyle changes you are making get a lot easier.

My Approach
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