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28 days to radical self love

Goddess Digestive Health and Detox

def: Rejuvenate: "to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again" Webster's dictionary


This package is for the Goddess who is ready for radical self care and healing from the inside out.  If you suffer from digestive issues of bloating, pain, irregular bowel patterns, and/or have achy joints, run down immune system and foggy brain, this package could have your name on it.  By removing the typical substances that can cause inflammation and irritation, it allows the digestive system to rest and repair. In 28 days you will not only will you shed the cravings for sugar and release weight, but you will discover what foods upset your system and what foods nourish your system.  You will be eliminating the most common causes of leaky gut from your diet which would include: gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.  I know that sounds like a lot... Take a few deep breaths... You still get to eat lots of whole foods including lean meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruit and nuts... and you will not go hungry. Believe me, If you suffer from a painful digestive system or lack energy and need a reboot, then this package has your name on it. 


I can tell you from experience that it felt amazing to wake up each morning clear headed, peaceful, with my clothes fitting loser and my skin radiant. My negative self talk slowly shifted to positive self talk as I was empowered to radically love myself by the choices I was making every day to support my health.


 The truth is, all health starts with a healthy digestive system and without it you will not be able to digest and absorb good nutrients, even it you are eating well. You don't have to be in pain to want to support your digestive system for optimal health.

 Here are some of the many benefits of this program:

  • Radiant glowing skin

  • Rediscovering your passions

  • Experiencing more energy and natural mojo

  • Trading in will power for soul power

  • Learning a lifestyle that enables and promotes wellness

  • Reducing sugar cravings so you crave healthy food

  • Renewing  your digestive system 

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Learning how to make easy delicious food

  • Receiving online coaching from Amy

  • Receiving ongoing support for your lifestyle changes

  • Releasing weight naturally and feel fabulous in your clothes

  • Deep and restorative beauty sleep

  • Aligning your life to match your desires

What will you receive in your package deal:

  • A private phone session to get you set up for success

  • Goddess Rejuvenation Program Nutritional Kit*

  • Menu plans   

  • Delicious, quick and easy recipes  

  • Educational and inspirational videos and downloads 

  • Access to members only site where you will receive a daily focus and  action steps   

  • A Private Goddess Rejuvenation Facebook group where you will be supported by other sister Goddesses

  • Physical and spiritual practices throughout, including some Goddess dance moves and guided imagery

  • Access to the Clear the Way on line support with 5 weeks worth of resources, including education on Leaky Gut, videos, Yoga routine, ways to detox your home and more. 


*Your Goddess Digestive Health And Detox Rejuvenation package Nutritional Kit will include: 

  • 1 month supply of our highest-quality protein smoothie powder (enough for 1x day)

  • 28 day supply of the #1 rated multivitamin in North America in custom packs just for you

  • 28 day supply of high quality probiotic

  • 28 day supply of double distilled fish oil

  • 1 month of Digestive Enzymes

  • Fibergy-extra fiber for smoothy

  • Liver detoxifier supplement


{For the men in your life who may want to do this with you, they are welcome to the products and support. They will have access to the Clear the Way private Facebook group.}

This package worth over $700 when you add in all the additional resources and coaching. Now only $347...You are worth it!!


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