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Goddess Rejuvenation Program

def: Rejuvenate: "to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again" Webster's dictionary


What is the 28 Day Goddess Rejuvenation program? 


The 28 Day Goddess Rejuvenation Program is a journey of loving yourself back to health and giving your body the rest it deserves... It is about reclaiming the divine connection that is within each of us that illuminates our inner light and radiance and offers inner guidance (like our own GPS system)... It is about being compassionate with your self and honoring your feelings...It is about finding what it is that turns you on and lights you up... It is about making movement a natural part of your day that supports the detoxification process and brings more energy, joy and divine connection... And it is about fueling your cells not only with nutrient dense foods, but the most powerful supplements on the market that can nourish, protect and renew your cells. Revolutionary!


In short, it is designed to shift your life style so that you never have to go on a diet again.  Smart and simple. You will naturally start to crave real whole foods and release the sugar cravings no matter what program you chose…and you will soon realize what a relief that is! After all, being a Goddess is meant to be empowering, freeing and pleasurable. And believe me, we will focus on awakening your inner goddess so you feel connected and embodied and will shine your light effortlessly.

 Here are some of the many benefits of this program:

  • Radiant glowing skin

  • Rediscovering your passions

  • Experiencing more energy and natural mojo

  • Trading in will power for soul power

  • Learning a lifestyle that enables and promotes wellness

  • Reducing sugar cravings so you crave healthy food

  • Renewing  your digestive system 

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Learning how to make easy delicious food

  • Receiving online coaching from Amy

  • Receiving ongoing support for your lifestyle changes

  • Releasing weight naturally and feeling fabulous in your clothes

  • Restoring deep and restful beauty sleep

  • Aligning your life to match your desires

In 28 days you'll have an entirely new lifestyle that you enjoy, and you'll be on the path to the healthy body that you want.

Where to begin:

Each one of you joining this group is a beautiful, unique woman who has different desires and needs.  That is why I have created 4 different packages to choose from. Each one will support your journey back to a more vibrant YOU based on your goals and health concerns. So whether you are looking for a just a jump start or want the benefits of a 28 day program to embody your inner goddess and treat her to a healthier lifestyle that includes: getting off the sugar roller coaster; releasing weight; improving her digestive system and detoxification process, discovering her deepest desires and taking action, there is a program and package with your name on it. 

Pick one of the following four packages:

7 Day Jump Start

For the Goddess who is ready to break up with sugar once and for all! This abusive relationship has caused a lot of                                     inflammation, pain and potentially extra weight around the middle. Time for a fresh start a new beginning loving herself.

Goddess Rejuvenation Sugar Detox & Weight release Package

For the Goddess who wants to get off the sugar roller coaster of highs and lows and step into the energy of being balanced and focused. She is ready to shed the unwanted weight that is literally weighing her down. This 28 day course will address more emotional issues and dive deeper into the spiritual connection with the private online rejuvenation coaching and education program.​

Goddess Rejuvenation Digestive Health and Detox Package

For the Goddess who is ready for radical self care and healing from the inside out.  If you suffer from the digestive issues of bloating, pain, irregular bowel patterns, and/or have achy joints, run down immune system and foggy brain, this package could have your name on it.  By removing the typical substances that can cause inflammation and irritation, it allows the digestive system to rest and repair. In 28 days you will not only shed the cravings for sugar and release weight, but you will discover what foods upset your system and what foods nourish your system.

Goddess Rejuvenation Vitality & Skin Care Package

For the​ Goddess who wants the ultimate care of her temple to keep her feeling energized, focused and pampered.  This 28 day  package  includes the nutritional products that support the temple from the inside, as well as the skin care line that supports and beautifies the outside. And of course you receive a complimentary pass into the Goddess online coaching and resource site to connect to your soul wisdom and rejuvenate yourself. 

Plus, all 28 day packages come with the added bonus of the private mind/body/soul online coaching to bring out and awaken the inner goddess within each of you.

What will you receive in your package deal:

  • A private phone session to get you set up for success

  • Goddess Rejuvenation Program Nutritional Kit*

  • Menu plans   

  • Delicious, quick and easy recipes  

  • Educational and inspirational videos and downloads 

  • Access to members only site where you will receive a daily focus and  action steps   

  • A Private Goddess Rejuvenation Facebook group where you will be supported by other sister Goddesses

  • Physical and spiritual practices throughout, including some Goddess dance moves and guided imagery


Goddess 7 

Day Jump Start

Goddess Sugar Detox and Weight Release

28 days to

healthy radiance

28 days of

radical self love

Goddess Vitality

and Skin Care

A new beginning

Goddess Digestive Health and Detox

Ultimate care of the temple

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