Healthy Radiance

7-Day Jumpstart

1 week Program to Break the Sugar Addiction and Jump Start a Healthy Lifestyle 

Goddess Rejuvenation Program

5 week Program to Improve Digestive health and restore a vibrant healthier YOU.

True Health Assessment

A great tool to find out where you are and where you want to be.

Radiant Skin Care

 Tips and Favorite Products for Youthful Radiant Skin

7-Day Jump Start

If you're ready to get a fresh start to cleansing your body of sugar addiction, this is a great place to start. This program is set up to be easy and delicious using the USANA food line and the highest quality supplements. All you need to do is supply one low glycemic meal a day along with some fruits and veggies and you have everything you need to allow your body to break free from unhealthy habits and patterns.  


These products are all gluten free, contain no trans fat, have low-glycemic impact,and are a high quality complete protein, with beneficial fat from coconut oil.  They also are an excellent source of fiber.

Your customizable kit includes:

14 protein Shake mixes (your choice of whey, Plant based, or Soy)  

2 boxes of Shake flavor optimizers of your choice (7 per/box)

14 HealthPack vitamin packets

10 MySmart Bars

1 MySmart guide

1 MySmart wrist bracelet

Education and support with 3 coaching calls free of charge during the monthly program as well as on going support with a private Facebook community.

Healthy low glycemic recipe ideas also provided.

The investment for you: $133.97 (tax/shipping included)

Please contact me if you're interested in the 7-Day Jump Start!



Take your complimentary Radiant Health Assessment here.

“Becoming an ageless goddess means letting go of the fear that you aren’t smart enough, educated enough, or intuitive enough to make the right decisions for yourself.” 

-Christiane Northrup, MD


Goddess Rejuvenation Program

def: Rejuvenate: "to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again" Webster's dictionary
Imagine having a calm, focused mind.
Your skin is firm, clear and radiant.
Your energy is consistent,vibrant and palpable.
Your libido is increased and you are naturally shedding
access fat.
Goddess Rejuvenation Program is a lifestyle program, designed to fall back in love with yourself and structured to support your body’s digestion and detoxification. Simple and Smart. 
What you will receive :
  • 5 weeks of member only abundant resources, including recipes, action steps and educational/motivational podcasts and videos (no charge)
  • easy daily steps laid out for you
  • 28 days worth of pharmaceutical grade supplements/Digestive enzymes/Probiotics/ Fibergy/ Hepasil (liver support)/and protein shake mix for breakfast 
  • physical and spiritual practices throughout, including some Goddess dance moves and guided imagery
  • a trained support team
  • a community of sister Goddesses sharing and supporting your journey
  • upping your vibrancy in a truly life-changing way
  • and so much more!
The investment for you is only the cost of the nutritional support and supplements: Approximately $300.00 -350.00 + tax and shipping-                                                Variable depending on supplement needs.
The rest of the program and support materials is my gift to YOU! 
Please contact me if you're interested in the Goddess Rejuvenation Program

Radiant Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is a reflection of not only what we expose our skin to on the outside, but also what we expose it to on the inside.   There is nothing like the glow of someone in love to help understand how our emotions project through the skin and offer a radiance that is illuminated from within. There also is the tell tale sign of someone who is under a lot of stress and not sleeping well. In addition we have to be mindful about what is in our personal care products as most have harmful chemicals in them.  

And of course the best way to get the radiant glow is to be consciously connected to our divine essence and life force energy.

Good skin starts on the inside:

  • how well we nourish our cells with colorful whole foods

  • how well we hydrate our cells with water

  • how well we rest our cells with proper sleep and stress management

  • how well we manage our stress

  • how many feel good hormones are circulating

Lifestyle habits that have a negative impact causing premature aging are:

  • smoking cigarettes

  • unmanaged stress

  • poor diet

  • lack of sleep

  • excessive caffeine

  • sun burn and excessive sun exposure or tanning beds


Good skin is affected by what we put on the outside:

  • ​skin care products

  • sun exposure

For the last 7 years I have been using a skin care line that has actually improved my skin quality. The line is designed with true health in mind. These products offer an innovative approach to skin care. With groundbreaking, patented Self-Preserving Technology, these products contain no added chemical preservatives—meaning they stay fresh naturally—so they are more gentle and healthy for even the most sensitive skin. Our skin-care specialists have carefully formulated exclusive antioxidant complexes in every product using ingredients proven to revitalize skin cells, leaving skin looking younger and more radiant.

Our products are formulated to properly nourish and hydrate your skin’s cells. 

Skin Care Offerings

Offering #1: Basic Skin Care Package

A perfect way to begin your journey to beautiful skin and a more natural, radiant you. This package contains the following:

(1) cleanser (1) toner (1) daytime lotion (1) nighttime lotion

Total cost of products $98.97 (tax/shipping included)

Offering #2: Deluxe Package

This package enhances the basic pack above for the ultimate skin-care regimen. This product line is clinically proven to increase skin elasticity, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and boost skin's moisture content. You could see dramatically visible results in as little as two weeks! This package contains the following:

(1) cleanser (1) toner (1) daytime lotion (1) nighttime lotion (1) concentrated refining serum OR (1) illuminating formula (1) gentle exfoliating polisher (1) moisturizing facial mask (1) eye emulsion cream

Total cost of products for Deluxe package $189.97  (tax/shipping included)

Contact me for a 20-minute skin consultation and find which offering is best for you.

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