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Divine Love and Miracles

For anyone reading this who is feeling cut off from abundance, questions if there really is a God or doesn't see any miracles happening today, I invite you to think about a new baby and ponder how it came into form. (yes, I know.... there could have been a lot of love and mojo happening between the sheets)...

...but honestly ask yourself, how did the union of only two cells (sperm and egg) form into this self-regulating, self-healing, multifaceted human being? What kind of miraculous mojo does it take to do that??

Seriously, no human brain could come up with the creative intelligence needed to create something so magnificent. And that divine intelligence and loving life force energy that is palpable when holding or gazing at a newborn baby is still flowing through you and me even now as you read this.

And the good news is that it isn't just in some of us, it is within ALL of us.

Remember, we are never truly alone. We may only forget about the abundant, unconditional love that created us in the first place. Our divine essence, or what I like to call our Soul Power, is woven within every cell of our body and connects us to each other and everything else in the cosmos.

So next time you are feeling constricted or weighted down in life, try imagining your body with more space and light within the cells and see how you feel. I did this often walking into work or down the halls as a nurse when it got stressful. It found it very helpful. Even now, as I write this, I can tap into it and feel lighter.

Lastly, I invite you to tap in, tune in and savor the divine love and miracles that are within you and surrounding you this summer...and have some FUN!! 'Tis the season.

P.S. If you haven't skinny dipped in a while, go for it. It may bring you back to the sensations of the watery womb and divine connection.

P.P.S. If you haven't done some cloud gazing for a while, I'd check that out too. You have total permission to have your head in the clouds!

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