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A new beginning

Goddess 7Day Jump Start

This package is for the Goddess who needs a jump start to get off the sugar roller-coaster and is ready to break up with sugar once and for all! If you are really honest with yourself, you know this love affair has been going on too long and it is has been physically and emotionally toxic.  That is right, sugar has caused a lot of  inflammation, pain and potentially extra weight around the middle. Time for a fresh start and a new beginning of loving yourself. 


This program is set up to be easy and delicious using the USANA food line and the highest quality supplements. All you need to do is supply one low glycemic meal a day along with some fruits and veggies and you have everything you need to allow your body to break free from unhealthy eating habits and patterns. In addition, you will receive the 7 Day Smart Start Ebook that walks you through the whole process and includes tips for successfully detoxing from sugar and starting a new beginning to a healthier YOU. Plus it is complete with a few recipes to get you started.

Your customizable kit includes:

14 protein Shake mixes (your choice of whey, Plant based, or Soy)  

2 boxes of Shake flavor optimizers of your choice (7 per/box)

14 HealthPack vitamin packets

10 MySmart Bars

1 MySmart guide

1 MySmart wrist bracelet

These products are all gluten free, contain no trans fat, have low-glycemic impact, and are a high quality complete protein, with beneficial fat from coconut oil.  They also are an excellent source of fiber.

It is not easy going through a detox alone, which is why this program works.  You are part of a supportive online community to cheer you on when the going gets tough. They are also there to celebrate your success and victories. Plus you get a free 1:1 phone conversation with Amy to customize your plan and provide support.  

Isn't it time to break up with your toxic relationship with sugar once and for all?  ​


Goddess Sugar Detox and Weight Release

28 days to

healthy radiance

Goddess Digestive Health and Detox

28 days of

radical self love

Goddess Vitality

and Skin Care

Ultimate care of the temple

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