A Nudge from the Universe

I have come to the realization that It doesn’t matter if you are a size 4 or 14, we all can feel overweight and uncomfortable when our clothes feel tight. Right? Everything is relative…and this time of year my clothes are starting to feel tighter and I know it is time to start doing something about it.

So last Saturday I had one of those moments of self loathing in the clothing and had to have a conscious conversation with myself. It went something like this, “ Arghhh I hate the muffin top over my pants, it doesn’t look good and feels even worse.” Thankfully the wise part of Amy interjected and said, “Amy love yourself just as you are. Stop being so hard on yourself. Lighten up.You are beautiful and healthy and have so much to be grateful for. Go do something you love to do and find pleasure in that”.

What do I love to do? Dancing! So I put on some funky music and got down with my wild bad self in the living room. Within 3 minutes I was feeling more like myself. Then I decided to finally get back to Zenon Dance company and take a dance class. It just so happened they had an open house that day where they had free sample classes all day long. I took the afternoon Jazz/Funk class ( go figure) and had a ball.

They also had a jar to put your name in to win a free enrollment for a class series and guess who won? Yep, me!! When I read the email letting me know I was the winner, I knew the universe was affirming my decision to do more of what I love. It made me smile and be grateful for the unshakable knowing I have, that we are never alone and have more support from the Universe/God/Source than we realize.

So I am going to ask you the same question. What do you love to do that makes your Soul sing and shine? What lights you up? Whatever it is, do more of that and I guarantee you will be feeling better in your own skin and connected to your divine essence in a more meaningful way.

Plus it just might lighten up the numbers on the scale and get you back to feeling good in your clothes and in the temple of your inner Goddess, your body.

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