Rinse Yourself Out

Ever notice how your plants look when you forgot to water them? Or how your sponge looks after you clean up the mess and before you rinse it out? Yep, I bet you do. Wilted, shriveled, dry, dirty and stinky. Those are the images I keep in mind when I need motivation to drink more water. And believe you me, I am not the best at drinking enough water throughout the day and my body let’s me know it. Just last week I was so tired and had achy legs and I reflected on how I was not drinking enough water. Could it be as simple as not hydrating enough? You bet it can.

I mean after all, when you really think about it, our skin and body are much like that plant and sponge. We are made up of 70% water and our fascia, (AKA connective tissue) is woven throughout our whole body and acts and looks like a sponge. It stores most of the toxins and stress and will get stiff if we don’t flush and move them out. And it isn’t just our body that feels the toxicity, but our brains get foggy thinking as well.

So how much water do we need on a daily basis? It all depends on your size. The formula to use is: Body Weight divided by 2 = ounces of water to drink a day. (i.e. 160 lbs.=80 Oz)

PRACTICAL AWARENESS HINTS: If your urine looks dark yellow and/or is strong smelling you are clearly dehydrated. If you are thirsty, you are dehydrated. If you went out the night before and overindulged, you are dehydrated. If your skin is dry and energy low, you could be dehydrated.

Self care action step: Pay attention to your body. Grab a fun water bottle, put your name on it and drink throughout the day. Fill it up often. Your body will thank you for the rinse and your energy and mind will be perkier and clearer.



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