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Spring Break

21 Day Ultimate Self Care Staycation
Begins Monday, April 12th
Ahhhh...there is something so wonderful and valuable about taking a vacation. 
To unplug from the constant demands of everyday life and just relax. Where new vistas and culinary experiences enliven the body, mind and soul and opportunities to try something new is fun. Ultimately, it offers space for down time to rest, reflect and rejuvenate.
However, this was not the year many of us were able to travel for obvious reason...
(hello, pandemic) and most likely the year we could use it the most!
But what if we tried something new and radical?
What if we actually gave the inside of our body (cells, liver, digestive tract) the vacation it needs to feel all those perks we enjoy when we actually go on vacation? After all, it has been on the clock since we were in the womb--and for some of us, that is a lot of years!
 I bet if our physical body had a voice and a means to express itself it would be begging for a vacation and break from working so hard trying to keep us healthy and in balance.
Wouldn't you agree?
Actually it does have a voice and expresses itself -- ie. pain, skin rashes, swelling, gas, numbness/tingling, hunger, fatigue, thirst, etc. and mine has been talking to me lately. 
So I got to thinking...and planning... and creating...and came up with this idea.
What if we actually listened to the pain we may be feeling or the gas and bloated stomach that makes us uncomfortable and offered to make a few changes just for a couple weeks so it could have a vacation to rest and restore? An actual "Spring Break" vacation from known foods and irritants that could be sabotaging our health and wellbeing? And added in fun vacation things along the way that lifts us up and feels good?
I can tell you from taking this break in the past that I felt so much lighter, clear headed and energized when I was done, and learned a lot about myself along the way.  
It wasn't always easy, but it was worth it...Or as I like to reframe it, "I was worth it". 
And you are worth it too!! 
Let's show our body some love and gratitude and give it a
21 Day Ultimate Spring Break Staycation. 
As your tour guide, I will make sure we have some fun along the way
and offer you these perks listed here:
Self Care Practices - Healthy Recipes - Guided Imagery - Group Coaching/Education - Itinerary for weekly outing options- Email Support

More Details

Who is this for? Anyone who has:
  • felt the stress of the past year on their body, mind or spirit and is ready to make some lifestyle changes for improved health and wellbeing

  • had a toxic love affair with sugar and is ready to break it off and walk away

  • lacked the will power or self discipline to make the necessary life style changes needed for better health

  • suffered from digestive health issues

  • trouble sleeping or lacks energy during the day

  • the motivation to release some quarantine weight before summer

  • a curiosity how the mind, body, spirit are connected and how to use that knowledge to your advantage

  • a desire to reclaim their personal power and radiance

What is it? 

21 days of clean eating and pampering your body, mind and soul as if it were on a 5 star vacation (without the alcohol, rich foods and weight gain). In addition to the new mind, body skills you'll be learning, and new recipes you can explore, we'll be focusing on giving your:

  • digestive system a chance to rest from toxins and foods that could cause inflammation

  • blood sugar levels to even out and energy increase

  • mind a chance to clear the fog and lift your mood

  • stress levels to downshift a notch or two

  • body time to rest and restore

What is included? 
  • 4 weekly Zoom group coaching/education calls (Monday evening at 7pm CST)

  • recipes and meal planning 

  • “Gut Matters” eBook

  • cooking class demo

  • itinerary of vacation activity options

  • guided imagery tracts

  • email support and group energy support

  • self care practices (including a video and recipes for making essential oil sleep sprays and massage oil)

  • surprises along the way!


Investment for your Spring Break Adventure

Coach Class ticket: $129 Discounted Pandemic Rate: $69.00
Upgrade to Business or First Class (aka supplementation and coaching options): additional $49.00 - $111.00
  • all natural immune support supplements, probiotics and omega 3 balance oil supplement for cellular boosting and balancing - includes 1:1 coaching session.
Click here to email me for personalized consultation. 
Date: Take off Monday, April 12, 2021
Virtual Destination: Your choice
Cost: $69 Business Class up to $190.00 First Class

Meet Your Travel Guide  


Amy Quarberg


Amy Quarberg, RN, is passionate about motivating others to incorporate practical tools to live a life that is authentic, healthy, and fun. As a holistic nurse, wellness consultant, and transformational coach, Amy has a wealth of knowledge about the mind/body/spirit connection and the effects our choices have on our wellbeing and our life. Her educational background includes a a BA in Nursing, and a Master’s Degree in Human Development with a focus on 'Graceful Presence', combining mindful movement and embodied spiritual connection. She has certifications in Holistic Nursing, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Therapeutic Coaching and has been a Healing Touch practitioner for over 20 years.  You can see her work as an integrative nurse and clinical aromatherapist featured in the first episode of the Netflix Documentary series entitled, “UNWELL” that was released August 2020.

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