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Hi, I'mAmy!


About Amy

I am in awe at the wisdom of our body, the power of our mind, and the beauty of our soul that shines from within.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated and curious about the deeper spiritual questions in life, the human body and how it all fits together.

I remember lying in bed as a young girl and thinking so deeply about what was there BEFORE God created the heaven and earth?... I couldn't figure out how could God be everywhere at the same time?...I was curious how Jesus could heal the sick?...and how does the brain really work?...

Fast forward to now and I still love to explore the these same topics. I geek out on quantum physics, the evolution of human consciousness, and various forms of healing practices. I also treasure deep connections and meaningful relationships. 

 Personal Facts:

  • Love to dance --especially to funky rhythmic music 

  • Guilty pleasure is wine and cheese

  • Mother of 4 beautiful children with grandchildren on the way

  • Love to travel local and abroad

  • Navigated an amicable divorce after a 25 year marriage

  • Tend to push the speed limits

  • Worked the night shift for 13 years while being a mom and going to school

  • Featured on Netflix documentary called "UnWell" highlighting use of essential oils in the clinical setting

Professional Bio and Educational Background

For much of my career I have been an innovative nurse leader, educator and role model in holistic nursing with a proven track record for transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Over 30 years experience as a registered nurse in a variety of roles, with the last 20 focusing on holistic nursing, staff wellbeing and building integrative models of care within a hospital, a large healthcare system and a long term care system.


I have been fortunate to partner with many other innovative nurse leaders over the years and am honored to have my master's work on Graceful Presence published in the book,"Holistic Nursing : A handbook for practice" 4th edition, and the work of starting integrative nursing programs in Senior care published in the book, "Integrative Nursing" 2nd edition. Being able to share this work as a speaker, both nationally and internationally is such a pleasure. 


Along side my nursing career I have launched a personal coaching practice, wellness business, and taught dance/movement classes for deepening the mind/body/spirit connection.

Currently I am moving forward and spreading this work in new ways through online courses, retreats, keynote speaking, organizational consulting and 1:1 personalized coaching and healing practices.



MA in Human Development

St. Mary’s University

Focus on spirituality, healing, dance and graceful presence


BA in Nursing

Gustavus Adolphus College


Certified in Therapeutic Coaching®

Certified in HNLP (Humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology)

Certified in Hypnosis

The Meta Institute's International School of Therapeutic Coaching TM


Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Jane Buckel's Course in Aromatherapy for Health Professionals


Healing Touch Energy Training

Healing Touch International

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